Acidity,Gas And Bloating

Today we will talk about gas, acidity or bloating. Homeopathic medicine can be taken for all these problems . How does acidity occur? There are two types of glands inside our stomach, one of which secrets acid and the other secrets pepsin i.e. Base. Meaning, when you eat , both are secrets. And it gets mixed up with the food and because of this, the acid base balance is maintained. And if your food is right, it will be digested properly. But when you eat spicy or oily food, it is more acidic. And the food goes into the stomach and becomes more acidic. This means that the acid in your food plus the acid in your stomach cannot neutralize the base inside the stomach for the same reasons. This causes you to have a stomach ache, and the stomach starts to feel heavy and belch. Now let’s talk about homeopathic medicines. nux vomica Thirty. You can use this by putting two drops on the tongue three times a day. If you have a sore throat and belching, you can use Robinia Thirty. This medicine also gives you good results with the use of two to three drops three times a day.