Acne or Pimples

Effective Homeopathic medicines for acne are : 1)Sulphur: Often suited those have problems of chronic sufferings

2)Kali Brom: It is the medicine mostly suited to those have acne on face,back and shoulder.

3)Arsenic Iodatum:It is mostly suited for type of Acne rosacea.

4)Antimonium Crudum:Suited for small red pimples on face,acne in drunkards with gastric derrangements.

5)Pulsatilla:Mostly suited for Girls having Pimples or Acne at Pubertic Age.

6)Berberis ointment :It can be applied for skin pigmentation due to Acne.

Above indicated Homeopathic medicines are effective for many Patients but it is advisable to consult us or any homoeopathic physician. Above medicines are only for information and Knowledge purpose only.

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