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Constipation and Homeopathic Medicine

Hello, we will talk about constipation today. You may have difficulty passing stools or if you feel a little left after passing stools or if it takes more than three days to clear the stomach. Constipation reduces the movement of the large intestine, which causes constipation and makes your stools harder. And now let’s talk […]

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder or Adhesive Capsulitis is a condition of the Shoulder Joint in which there is restriction of movement of shoulder joint or its incomplete movement .Shoulder Joint is encapsulated within capsule.When adhesion occurs within these capsules and joint, leads to Restriction of the movement of the Joint.Cause of the Frozen shoulder is not known […]

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes is incurable disease but its management is very much Possible with Homeopathic medicine and timely modern medicine’s dosage requirement is reduced or stopped.Diabetes is mainly caused due to life-style mismanagement or people living under constant stress.As homeopathic medicines usage are having no side effects ,from my part it is advisable to manage diabetes with […]

Piles or Haemorrhoids.

Cause:Piles or haemorrhoids are mainly caused due to the prolonged constipation or due to the strain during passing stool(which in turn result in varicoseity of veins near anal region) Due to varicose veins at anal region ,while passing stool it is very much painful,it may be associated with bleeding and Burning. Mainly there are 2 […]


Hypothyroidism is mainly caused due to improper functioning of the thyroid gland.Improper functioning is caused due to Psychological trauma or living in stress or living in a certain environment which is not acceptable by body.The common symptoms of hypothyroidism are :sudden weight gain,swelling on body parts,weakness,vertigo,dizziness etc.Homoeopathic treatment is having a great role in cure […]


Psoriasis is one of the autoimmune disease and it is incurable by the modern medicines.But with the homoeopathic treatment it is curable.Sign and Symptoms of the Psoriasis are:Initially there will be formation of Rash then there will be Dryness of skin,Scaling of the skin,Itching and Burning.Itching and Scaling is Very much severe in case of […]


Sciatica is caused by irritation or compression over sciatic nerve,it is very painful condition and its pain is along the course of sciatic nerve .i.e. from the back (hip)to foot.Its main symptoms are pain and numbness.It is cause due to buldging of the vertebral disc L5-L6 which leads to the compression of the nerve.There is […]


Most of the times corns are found just beneath the foot or at the surface of palm. Corns are Hard and Painful .They creates problem while walking. Causes:Not known yet(mostly found in teachers,farmers because of lond standing) Sign and Symptoms:Elevated from Surface and Painful Dead layers of Skin. Recurrency of Corn is possible after surgery […]

Acne or Pimples

Effective Homeopathic medicines for acne are : 1)Sulphur: Often suited those have problems of chronic sufferings 2)Kali Brom: It is the medicine mostly suited to those have acne on face,back and shoulder. 3)Arsenic Iodatum:It is mostly suited for type of Acne rosacea. 4)Antimonium Crudum:Suited for small red pimples on face,acne in drunkards with gastric derrangements. […]