Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder or Adhesive Capsulitis is a condition of the Shoulder Joint in which there is restriction of movement of shoulder joint or its incomplete movement .Shoulder Joint is encapsulated within capsule.When adhesion occurs within these capsules and joint, leads to Restriction of the movement of the Joint.Cause of the Frozen shoulder is not known .However it is moreover seen in person having Diabetes,Hypo/hyperthyroid and Cardio vascular disease.Homeopathic treatment is having effective role in case of Frozen Shoulder.Its main symptoms are Pain and Restrictriction of the movement of the Shoulder Joint.

Effective homeopathic medicine for Frozen shoulder are:

1)Ferrum Met. It is mostly indicated for Right side Frozen Shoulder.

2)Ledum pal:It is mostly indicated for Left Side Frozen Shoulder.

3)Lac.can:It is mostly indicated when there are alternating sides involved.

4)Dulcamara and Rhustox: It is indicated when frozen shoulder complains starts during Damp weather.