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Most of the times corns are found just beneath the foot or at the surface of palm. Corns are Hard and Painful .They creates problem while walking. Causes:Not known yet(mostly found in teachers,farmers because of lond standing) Sign and Symptoms:Elevated from Surface and Painful Dead layers of Skin. Recurrency of Corn is possible after surgery […]

Acne or Pimples

Effective Homeopathic medicines for acne are : 1)Sulphur: Often suited those have problems of chronic sufferings 2)Kali Brom: It is the medicine mostly suited to those have acne on face,back and shoulder. 3)Arsenic Iodatum:It is mostly suited for type of Acne rosacea. 4)Antimonium Crudum:Suited for small red pimples on face,acne in drunkards with gastric derrangements. […]