Asthma and Homoeopathic Medicine.

Today we will talk about asthma. Asthma is a chronic disease of the respiratory system. This disease causes inflammation in the ducts of the respiratory tract. Such as Trachea, bronchus, Primary Bronchus, Secondary Bronchus. The swelling makes it sound like whistle at the time of brathing. Now let’s talk about how asthma occurs? Then we will talk about the symptoms of asthma, and the homeopathic medicine for asthma.

The reason may be genetic. This means that if your mom and dad have allergies or rhinitis, you have a higher chance of developing asthma.Second cause is working in polluted environment.Smoke or dust aggregate in the tracts and develops a higher risk for asthma. A third cause is recurrent bacterial infections, such as recurrent colds and coughs. This type of recurrent infection increases your chances of developing asthma. Now let’s talk ,what happens in asthma?. In such a condition the Bronchus shrinks. That means the contraction is done. And this is the reasons why it is difficult to breathe and exhale. Now let’s talk about homeopathic medicine for asthma. German Homeopathic Medicine Reckwerg Company’s R 43 number drops can be taken three times a day ( 10 drops 10 ml of water.)