Reasons for Back Pain and Homoeopathic Medicines.

Today we will talk about back pain. First let’s talk about how back pain can be caused or what causes it. Back pain from lifting a heavy object. Or it can be caused by working by bending for a long time. Back pain can often occur even after delivery. The cause of back pain is pressure on the vertebral disc between the two vertebrae. It can also be caused by slippage  or swelling in the vertebral disc or pressure  and inflammation of the lumbar muscle. Now let’s talk about homeopathic medicine used for back pain. The first drug is Rhustox Thirty. Rhustox can be used when  the cause of your back pain is from lifting a heavy object. Another drug is Hypericum 200. Hypericum can be used When the cause of back pain is an injury. The third medicine is kali carb 30. kali carb is used when you have back pain after delivery. The fourth medicine is Colocynth 200. When can you use Colocynth? Colocynth can be used when Pain occurs from Pressure on back such as lying on Back.Many homeopathic remedies are used for back pain. Additionally you can contact a homeopathic doctor or us.