Sciatica is caused by irritation or compression over sciatic nerve,it is very painful condition and its pain is along the course of sciatic nerve .i.e. from the back (hip)to foot.Its main symptoms are pain and numbness.It is cause due to buldging of the vertebral disc L5-L6 which leads to the compression of the nerve.There is very effective treatment in Homoepathic System.Some of the effective medicines for Sciatica are :

Colocynth,Hypericum.Rhustox,Arnica,Bryonia and kali carb.

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Acne or Pimples

Checkout the effective Medicines for Acne.

Effective Homeopathic medicines for acne are : 1)Sulphur: Often suited those have problems of chronic sufferings

2)Kali Brom: It is the medicine mostly suited to those have acne on face,back and shoulder.

3)Arsenic Iodatum:It is mostly suited for type of Acne rosacea.

4)Antimonium Crudum:Suited for small red pimples on face,acne in drunkards with gastric derrangements.

5)Pulsatilla:Mostly suited for Girls having Pimples or Acne at Pubertic Age.

6)Berberis ointment :It can be applied for skin pigmentation due to Acne.

Above indicated Homeopathic medicines are effective for many Patients but it is advisable to consult us or any homoeopathic physician. Above medicines are only for information and Knowledge purpose only.

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Most of the times corns are found just beneath the foot or at the surface of palm. Corns are Hard and Painful .They creates problem while walking.

Causes:Not known yet(mostly found in teachers,farmers because of lond standing)

Sign and Symptoms:Elevated from Surface and Painful Dead layers of Skin.

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Recurrency of Corn is possible after surgery or removal but with the use of homeopathic medicine there is very less chance of recurrency.

Homoeopathic medicines for Corn are : Thuja: It is one of the best medicine for overgrowth over skin such as warts and corn.It gives very good results.How to take: Thuja 200 is to be taken, 2 drops over the tongue early morning.

Antim Crud:It is very effective medicine in case of Corn.Antim Crud is to be Taken 2 drops @afternoon directly on tongue.

Petroleum 200:It is very useful remedy for itching on corn.Petroleum 200 is to be taken @night 2 drops directly on tongue.


 If we are to make a successful prescription, we must know all the details of your sickness. We must also understand all the features that belong to you as an individual. This includes your reactions to various factors, your past, your family history & your mental makeup.

In order to find all about you, we shall be asking you many questions. Questions have a definite meaning & significance for us. Even something that you may think useless & is not connected with your trouble, may be the most important factor in deciding the correct homoeopathic medicine. That is why you must be free & frank and give us the fullest possible information on each point. Please read each question carefully, think & if necessary, consult someone to answer completely. Do not keep anything back. Remember, whatever you tell us will remain absolutely confidential.